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Security Control Organisation

Security Control Organisation looks after the registration work related to foreigners other than Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Nepalese. SCO performs the functions as extension of residential Permit, Grant of multi-entry visa, no objection to return to India, visa conversion etc. Grant of restricted area permit and protected area permit and Issuance of PIO cards to foreigners of Indian origin and their spouse, Issuance of Police Clearance Certificate to Indians who are residents of Kolkata Police Jurisdiction, Processing of "Overseas Citizenship of India" applications etc.

Beside above, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, SCO as civil authority and Foreigners Regional Registration Officer, Kolkata passes deportation order for foreigners and keep liaison with the Foreign Mission. There are International Crew signing off and signing on the ship at Kolkata River Port Immigration. SCO issues Shore Passes for the marine crew and issues Dock Entry Permit.

SCO does the work of International Passport enquiry on applications received from Regional Passport Office, Kolkata. The passport enquiries are made in respect of applicants residing within Kolkata Police Jurisdiction.

Immigration forms the vital factor of manifold functions of SCO. DC, SCO is also the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer, Kolkata and he looks after the Immigration matters with incoming and outgoing foreigners as well as its various aspects.

Sl. No. Office Direct
1 DC SCO 2290-0549 / 2283-7036
2 DC SCO(II) 2287-5881 / 2283-7033
3 AC (I) SCO 2289-3557
4 AC (II) SCO 2283-7038
5 AC (III) SCO 2283-7031
6 SCO Sub-Control 2283-7089/2289-3571
7 Investigation Section 2283-7032
8 Eastern Section 2283-7037
9 Western Section 2283-7088
10 FRO 2283-7034
11 Passport Section 2282-7108
12 Air-Port Immigration 2520-8100 / 2511-2541
13 River Port Immigration 2242-1161 / 2223-4340
14 RO SCO 2283-7035
15 HA SCO 2283-7039 / 2289-3538
16 Motor Transport Section 2283-7022


237, A J C Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 020

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