Kolkata Police
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Reserve Force

This unit is headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police. This unit is mainly responsible for the unformed security arrangements at Raj Bhaban, State Secretariat, State Legislative Assembly, High Court and City Sessions Court. Other lower courts are also manned by the Reserve Force. Escorting of prisoners and guarding the prisoners admitted to hospital are the responsibilities of this unit.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Reserve Force is in charge of the Central Lock-up located within the precincts of Kolkata Police headquarters at Lalbazar which is quite distinct from the lock-ups of police stations. The Central Lock-up usually accommodates all female prisoners, prisoners classed as Division I and prisoners suffering minor illness not requiring treatment in a regular hospital. For this purpose the services of a medical officer, working under the control of the Police Surgeon and residing in the quarters provided for him in the Central Lock-up building, is utilized.

Processing of application for all types of arms license in the prescribed form and renewal of all arms license are done by the Arms Act Department, which functions under the direct supervision and control of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Reserve Force. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Reserve Police has been empowered by the Commissioner of Police, Kolkata to issue license for all types of firearms excepting small arms.

Contact Phone Numbers

Supervisory Officer Contact Number
DC RF 2214-3366, 2250-5348
AC RF-I 2250-5017
AC RF-II 2250-5314
AC KMC 2242-7536
AC High Court 2231-8027 / 2250-5285
AC Writers' Building 2250-5300
AC Arms Act 2250-5070
OC Arms Act 2214-1443 / 2250-5044
OC High Court 2242-7529
Raj Bhawan 2242-7524 / 2250-5165
City Sessions Court 2242-7581
Assembly(North Gate) 2242-7535 / 2250-5131
OC Cattle 2242-7537

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