Kolkata Police
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Post Independence Era

It may be remembered that the history of Calcutta Police under British rule was an adjunct of the colonial administration. Hence its role was primarily repressive and anti-nationalist.

After India gained independence from British rule in 1947, Calcutta Police was re-organised as an arm of a new nation-state keen on consolidating its freedom. Surendra Nath Chatterjee was the first Indian Commissioner of Police.

At present Kolkata Police has 8 divisions covering 69 Police Stations. It has a strength og approximately 26,000 and a territorial jurisdiction of 243 sq. kms (approx). There are 8 battalions of armed forces as well as specialized branches like the Detective Department, Special Branch, Reserve Force, Traffic Police, Enforcement Branch, Wireless Branch Special Task Force and security Control office. The force is also incorporating Information Technology in a big way - a computer network connects all Divisions, Police Stations and Battalions and there is a separate Computer Section as well.

Kolkata Police has thus evolved from a colonial force into a developmental and stability-oriented component of executive governance. It is an integral part of the vision of a free and fair society, which forms the basis of modern India. 

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