Kolkata Police
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Police Band

On November 1, 1858, a group of Englishmen were hurriedly mobilized from the city of Calcutta and organized into a "Pipe-Band" to play at the Governor's House. The occasion - the transfer of power from the Company Bahadur to the British Crown - a ceremony whose grandeur would have been incomplete without the pomp and splendour of a fitting musical accompaniment. Some two hundred and forty eight Indian and British Darogas and Marines in full regalia marched to the tune of the band on this solemn occasion. These assorted musicians were later recruited into the Calcutta Police to form the Police band. Years of development have today crystallized them into a well-trained group of seventy men proficient in both Brass and Pipe instruments.

The primary objective of the Kolkata Police Band is to contribute to effective operation of the police service by strengthening and expanding lines of communication and public relations between the public and police and provide ceremonial support as and when required.

Kolkata Police Band is utilized during all important Government functions like Republic Day Parade, national and international sporting events as well as on the occasions of State Receptions hosted in the honour of State guests.

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