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Get Involved

Getting Together to Fight Crime Something may be wrong in your neighborhood. There's too much violence, or there's an ever-present threat. Perhaps you've seen signs of drug dealing. Maybe a string of robberies has you wondering what's coming next. You're uneasy-even frightened-for yourself and your family. Perhaps nothing violent has happened, but you see warning signs-such as vandalism, abandoned cars, and loitering-that crime and violence may be reaching your locality soon. 

You can change things by getting together with neighbors who share your worries. Maybe you can organise a Neighborhood Watch Group to counter the apprehension of crime entering into your area. 

People just like you have cleared drug dealing out of their locality, made parks safe for children, curbed assaults, eliminated rapes and murders, wiped out graffiti and vandalism. Everyone Can Do Something.

It's Too Risky for Me To Get Involved

At times crime may have a strong grip in your neighborhood-street violence, robbery, drug dealing, burglary. People see the situation as out of hand. Some people are scared that the criminals will take revenge if they act. 

In such situations there are at least two ways to counter fear. 

First, join together. There is strength in numbers. Most criminals attack victims who are alone-not in groups. And groups can rally and hold vigils to demonstrate their commitment. Second, you can work with the police to set up a system that lets people remain anonymous and still report crimes.

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