Kolkata Police
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Armed Police

Kolkata Armed Police consists of eight battalions, each under a Deputy Commissioner of Police. Its main functions are to quell any widespread trouble or disorder in the city which the unarmed branch by itself may not be in a position to cope with. Other functions of this unit are to:
  • provide guards for important Government offices, treasuries and protected places.
  • provide escorts for carrying arms and ammunitions and government treasuries
  • supply a striking force at Lalbazar Headquarters with a view to render assistance to the unarmed branches

All the battalions are overall under the supervision of Sr. DC AP.

Supervisory Officer Contact Number
Jt. CP (AP) 2479-3554 / 2409-9188 / 2214-1515 / 2250-5173
DC 1st BN 2409-9053 / 2409-9233
DC 2nd BN 2557-5050 / 2530-0804
DC 3rd BN 2409-9054 / 2409-9215
DC 4th BN 2337-3320
DC 5th BN 2355-9007 / 2355-5411
DC 6th BN 2409-9055 / 2409-9200
DC 7th BN 2409-9056 / 2409-9190
DC 8th BN 2530-0817 / 2530-0889

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